Date Title Newspaper / Media Author / Interviewee
02 May 2019 與認知障礙症同行 Hong Kong Economic Journal 陳裕麗
02 May 2019 日日耍太極 助降血壓防爆標 Hong Kong Economic Times 張意宇
24 Apr 2019 To ease Hong Kong’s public hospital critical care crush, train more ICU nurses to serve private sector South China Morning Post Prof. Sek-ying Chair, Director and Professor, The Nethersole School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
19 Apr 2019 中風知多少 Hong Kong Economic Journal 羅倚穗
18 Apr 2019 For South Asian Hongkongers, health advice is best delivered by one of their own South China Morning Post Cho Lee WONG, Bernard M.H. LAW and others, The Nethersole School of Nursing, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
06 Apr 2019 社區動起來 助長者居家安老 SingTao Daily 香港中文大學醫學院那打素護理學院院長 車錫英教授
22 Mar 2019 肺癌徵狀紓緩有法 Hong Kong Economic Journal 鄧穎琪
28 Feb 2019 手機平台助婦癌患者踏上幸福路 Hong Kong Economic Journal 周嘉明、陳葉詠嫻、梁慧儀
12 Feb 2019 大學生對社會的另類貢獻 SingTao Daily 車錫英教授代表香港中文大學敬文書院服務隊
08 Feb 2019 情緒也發炎 Hong Kong Economic Journal 鄭可瑜
25 Jan 2019 University project helps poor youngsters lead the way and gives students a lesson in life South China Morning Post Prof Sek-ying Chair, on behalf of CW Chu College Service Team, Chinese University
31 Dec 2018 醫療:研究指耍太極助降血壓 專家稱有利血管健康 Others 何欣、陳惠嬌
28 Dec 2018 癌症照顧者如何紓壓 Hong Kong Economic Journal 黃祖莉
13 Dec 2018 提升家屬照顧者解決問題的能力 Hong Kong Economic Journal 鄭可瑜
30 Nov 2018 婦科癌症心理教育 Hong Kong Economic Journal 周嘉明、梁慧儀