Professor ZANG Yuli, Amy

Assistant Professor

Tel (852) 3943 3148
Education & Qualifications RN, BMed (Nursing), MMed (Cardiovascular Surgery), PhD
Research Interests Cardio-cerebrovascular care; Vulnerability and resilience building; Innovative education and practice
Specialisations Vulnerability and resilience building in face of health emergency, disasters and significant life events; Cardio-cerebrovascular rehabilitation
Researcher ID/ Publons ID O-5882-2018
ORCID 0000-0002-7717-6907
Scopus ID 35723468100


Professor Zang has been working for cross-cultural international collaboration on vulnerability associated with adolescence, disability, ageing and sex in face of meteorological hazards and significant life changes through education, practice and research. As a member of the Asia Pacific Emergency and Disaster Nursing Networking (APEDNN) and the Executive Director of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Vulnerable Groups for around 10 years, she worked with WHO and initiated activities to strengthen nursing education and practice for capacity building.

Professor Zang obtained her bachelor’s degree in medicine (major in nursing) and master’s degree in clinical medicine (specialised in cardiovascular surgery) from Shandong University, between which she was an RN teacher for five years in urology, nephrology, hematology and bone marrow transplantation in an affiliated hospital of the university. Her PhD degree in nursing was conferred by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, while her postdoctoral training was in control science and engineering. She gained her intergovernmental and cross-disciplinary experience from various WHO offices and universities in Australia, U.S. and Japan. She has published over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles and books, and won the university honour of Good Supervisor in My Heart, the provincial honour of Outstanding Supervisor for Undergraduate Social Practice Programme. She also received sponsorships for WHO Scholar Programme, Australian Leadership Awards Programme, Ohio University Global Health Initiative and Hyogo Overseas Research Network.

Teaching Awards

  • Third Prize of Teaching Reform (for subproject on Acute & Emergency Nursing), Bureau of Education, Shandong Province, China (2005)
  • Second Prize of Teaching Reform on Acute & Emergency Nursing, Shandong University (2004)

Research Awards

  • Scholarship for the Global Health Initiative for collaboration on ageing, disability and communication disorders, Ohio University (2015)
  • ALA Fellowship for Disaster Research Capacity Building Workshop for Asia Pacific Emergency and Disaster Nursing Network (2012)
  • Scholarship for Hyogo Overseas Research Network 2009 Nurse/Midwifery Scholar Programme, WHO (2010)


  • Excellent Reviewer for Chinese Journal of Nursing Education, Chinese Nurses Association (2016)
  • Good Supervisor in My Heart, Shandong University (2009)
  • Outstanding Supervisor for Undergraduate Social Practice Programme, Shandong Province, China (2008)

Honourary Appointment

  • Visiting Professor, Second Hospital of Shandong University (2019-2020)
  • Board Member, World Society of Disaster Nursing (2014-present)
  • Professor, Shandong University (2013-present)
  • Board Member, China Disability Research Society (2008-present)


  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Advanced Nursing (2012-present)
  • Editorial Board Member, Nursing and Health Sciences (2008-present)

Professional Service

  • Dissertation Reviewer, Ministry of Education, China (2014-present)

Academic Engagement

  • Postgraduate Supervisor (doctoral) (2012-present)
  • Postgraduate Supervisor (master) (2007-present)

(in the capacity of Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator)

Funding BodyProject Title
Ministry of EducationStudy series on cross-cultural competency for healthcare
Shandong UniversityKey project for teaching & learning reform: creativity competency development in BSN students towards international outstanding elite in nursing
Shandong University & University of South AustraliaEvaluating Chinese nurses’ attitudes to suicide
Shandong UniversityStress time responses and standard audiovisual intervention in adolescents with ENT surgery
WHOImproving the quality of nursing and health services for persons with disabilities
WHOWeb-based knowledge management and information sharing for disaster and emergency health responses
Shandong UniversityWeb-based translation standard and relevant application system development
WHOQuality improvement in the nursing response to adolescent health needs by strengthening the pre-service curriculum of nurses in China
WHOWeb-based platform for Asia Pacific Emergency and Disaster Nursing and Partners Network
WHOStakeholders analysis for the development and sustainability of the Asia Pacific Emergency and Disaster Nursing and Partners Network web
ERGO Insurance CompanyTo understand family health nursing in rural areas in Shandong Province
WHODisaster nursing development in China (psychosocial care)
Shandong UniversityStandardization of clinical nursing documentation
Shandong UniversityIntelligent clinical practice information system
Jinan Disabled Persons' FederationInvestigation of sign language in outpatient department in Hospital

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