'Caring makes a difference' Photo Competition

An event to celebrate CUHK Nethersole School of Nursing’s 25th Anniversary


The Nethersole School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK organised a photo competition themed ‘Caring makes a difference’ to celebrate the School’s 25th Anniversary. We thanked our alumni and students for their active participation in this event. All the works submitted expressed the theme explicitly, indicating the intelligence and creativity of the participants. Awards including champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up, Merits and Facebook LIKES awards were presented for each category. The award presentation ceremony was held on 4 March 2016 during the Sixth Pan-Pacific Nursing Conference and First Colloquium on Chronic Illness Care.

Student Category

Awardee Cheung Yik Ting Annabel
Programme Master of Nursing Science (Pre-registration) / Year 2
Title A Simple Hug *
Description Every compassionate act makes a difference to the world. *
Awardee Chu Pui Yu
Programme Bachelor of Nursing / Year 4
Title Together with You
沿途有你 *
Description When grandma suffered from brain tumor, grandpa always brought her out of the hospital to watch flowers in full bloom. Illnesses are not terrifying, because love can light up the darkness in one’s life, enabling one to enjoy beautiful scenery in sickness.
Awardee Cheng Po Ying
Programme Bachelor of Nursing / Year 4
Title 'Hold your hand, and grow old with you'
Description On the journey of life, how much time is left for us to walk alongside our loved one? Let us pass the warmth to them by holding their hands tightly.
Awardee Chan Wing Yan
Programme Bachelor of Nursing / Year 4
Title Blessed Love
幸福的愛 *
Description Walking through the Great Wall in chilly wind, I have you holding my freezing hands. Walking through year after year, fortunately I have your love accompanying me.

Awardee Chim Wai Ting Lilian
Programme Master of Nursing Science (Pre-registration) / Year 1
Title Unconditional love *
Description The photo reminds us of offering care and love to others. Children raised in a caring environment would become grown-ups who can contribute to our society. We share love and care with all passers-by, regardless of age, gender, race or wealth. *

Awardee Chung Man Wai
Programme Bachelor of Science in Gerontology / Year 2
Title LOVE
愛 *
Description Love arises from the bottom of the heart and the expression of love can be very simple, like holding an elder’s hands gently. Let our simple acts bring love and care to our society.

Awardee Lai Chun
Programme Bachelor of Science in Gerontology / Year 2
Title 'Love' With You Always
「愛」。同行 *
Description Delivery of love will never be limited by affinity difference or physical distance. It only depends on our activeness. Are you active in delivering love?

Awardee Cheng Yin Sing
Programme Bachelor of Nursing / Year 4
Title Visit to Qingyuan
清遠。探訪 *
Description Over the summer in Qingyuan, I visited the elders in the village every day, and cared about their physical, mental and spiritual health. Wishing them an access to health information, leading to a better and healthier life.

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