Volunteer Sharing

Upholding the School motto ‘To serve the community with compassion’, our students actively and enthusiastically participate in a wide range of voluntary and community services. To better understand and support their work, we have invited six students who have participated in the CU CHAMPION (Community Health And Medication-safety Promotion Inter-school Outreach Network) and other voluntary activities to share with us their passion for voluntary service, unforgettable volunteer experiences, and what they have gained from their voluntary work.

1. Sharing from Annabelle Tinko Csy & Tsz-shan Poon (MNSP Year 2 students)

2. Sharing from Jing Tsi Law (BN Year 5 student) & Yan Lok Wong (BN Year 3 students)

3. Sharing from Hoi Lam Chan & Yi Nga Chow (BScG Year 2 students)