ABCD構建富善長者安居圖寶網是一個為大埔富善社區的長者及照顧者而設的社區資產地圖網站,他們可以透過網站了解住處四周的長者服務及社區資源,讓照顧者得到支援,從而令長者可以居家安老。此外,長者、照顧者及居民可透過網站登記加入照顧者網絡「關愛大使」及義工網絡 「富善達人」認識更多同路人,彼此支持及互助。網站會定期更新健康活動資訊,例如專題講座,社區同樂日及護士諮詢站,居民可於網上報名參加。



This project aims to deliver a dementia care psychoeducation intervention to family carers of people living with dementia. This website provide information about the illness and caregiving skills through videos.


璀璨 D30

「璀璨 D30」這個互動網站建立目的是為55-64歲人士順利地邁向人生第三齡,達至黃金歲月。



An online knowledge transfer project - CV Health Cerebro-cardiovascular Info Site

To enhance the knowledge of prevention and management of coronary heart disease and stroke through web, DVD education and public lectures; thus, promoting a healthy lifestyle for cardiovascular disease prevention in the community.


Caring for Yourself – Managing your Diabetes

The site includes 35 video clips related to diabetes care such as the causes, signs, symptoms, treatment of diabetes, blood glucose checking, oral medication and insulin therapy, common devices used for taking insulin, tips for injecting insulin, sick day management, travel tips, diabetes support groups, dispelling myths, exercise and health, healthy lifestyles and tips to maintain health.


Sweet Dream




Say "NO" to Chronic Diseases

This project involves the development of a culturally sensitive multimedia website that disseminates health information to South Asian ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, so as to increase their awareness on the strategies for the prevention of common chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and stroke. In particular, the importance of undergoing regular health screening, eating a healthy diet and doing more physical exercises is highlighted. Overall, the website aims to enhance the knowledge and intention of the local South Asian ethnic minorities to adopt a healthy lifestyle for their health promotion.


To Fight against HIV among non-Chinese Asians

This HIV/AIDS prevention project targets the non-Chinese Asian populations, including Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Nepalese, and Pakistani who are living in Hong Kong. The overall aim of this project is to reduce / slow the incidence of HIV/AIDS among non-Chinese Asians in Hong Kong. The project will develop culturally sensitive activities aiming to raise the participants’ awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention, to increase the knowledge on how to prevent HIV/AIDS and to practice the learnt preventive measures as well as to improve their acceptance to people living with HIV/AIDS.


Randomized controlled trial of the effectiveness of a home-based interactive e-health educational intervention for middle-aged adults in improving total

This project aims to develop and test the effectiveness of a home-based interactive e-health education intervention (e-HEI) program and for middle aged CVD