Dr. WANG Qun won the Excellent Doctoral Dissertation in Behavioral Health Award 2017 by the Hong Kong Society of Behavioral Health

10 Aug, 2017

Congratulations to Dr. WANG Qun, our 2015 PhD in Nursing graduate (admitted via the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme) and currently the School’s Postdoctoral Fellow, for winning the Excellent Doctoral Dissertation in Behavioural Health Award 2017.  The award was established by the Hong Kong Society of Behavioural Health in 2015  to recognise the importance of behavioural health research and to encourage young researchers to engage in behavioural health research. Submitted dissertations are judged mainly on their contribution to behavioural health, in addition to originality of work, significance and implications of results, clarity of presentation and quality of writing. The award is presented to a maximum of two applicants per year.


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