Student Exchange: National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan in November 2019

10 Nov, 2019
Thank you for presenting us a certificate of completion at NCKU.jpg
Thank you for providing us with a guided tour to the NCKU Hospital.jpg
We are enjoying ourselves in Kaohsiung.jpg
We had a photo outside the NCKU medical college.jpg
We had the farewell party with the students at NCKU and we will be good friends.jpg
We presented souvenirs to the teachers at NCKU for their hospitality.jpg
We took photos with the students and teachers at NCKU at the welcoming dinner.jpg
We visited the LOVE sculpture at the NCKU Hospital 01.jpg
We were at the welcoming meeting with their students and teachers.jpg
We were engaged in their tutorial about ethical dilemma.jpg
We were impressed by the high-quality geriatric ward setting at NCHU Hospital.jpg
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