Student Exchange: Yonsei University, South Korea in November 2014

10 Nov, 2014
05 With Associate Deans.JPG
06_2 Museum.JPG
07_1 Cancer Centre Outlook.jpg
07_4 In front of the Cancer Centre.JPG
08_2 Asiana Airlines Medical Center.JPG
09_1 Outside Public Health Center.JPG
09_4 Group photo with staff.JPG
10_1 Outside East West Oriental Hospital.JPG
13-4 Post-Lab photo.jpg
15_1 Group photo at NICU.JPG
15_2 group photo at the ICU.JPG
15_3 group photo at the Emergency departiment.JPG
15_4 Cancer Research group photo.JPG
15_5 group photo with a funny hand hygiene promotion banner.JPG
15_6 group photo after touring the severance hospital.JPG
15_7 Group photo with group mate after a morning of practium.JPG
15_8 Group photo with group mate after a practicum in cardiovascular centre.JPG
17_1 Group photo with the nurse in the simulation room.JPG
17_2 Trial I.jpg
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