Gerontology and Long-term Care

The mission of the Gerontology and Longterm Care Group is to conduct research in aging which interconnects across the continuum of healthy aging, vulnerability and frailty. Its three major research priorities include: (a) supportive community care for older people; (b) innovations in chronic disease management and support to informal carers; and (c) enhanced nursing home care. The research work highlights the use of a multi-disciplinary framework that is sensitive to both gerontological and geriatric concerns.


Signature Research Work

To cover the entire continuum of healthy aging, vulnerability and frailty, the Gerontology and Long-term Care Group has conducted various randomized controlled trials to examine the effects of activity-based interventions including tai chi, chair dancing and stepping exercise in improving the cardiovascular health, fatigue, frailty, cognitive function and insomnia among older people. In close collaboration with various nongovernmental organizations in Hong Kong, two e-health platforms have been developed to promote insomnia management and successful transition to old age. Exploratory studies were conducted to examine the social stigmatization on dementia, impact of social participation and mobile service on cognitive health, comprehensive predictive models for health and behavioral outcomes of patients and caregivers with highly prevalent chronic diseases including chronic heart failure and dementia. This research group has also developed and stringently evaluated
various nurse-led care delivery models for older people with multi-morbidities and chronic heart failure.

To better inform the development of long-term care services, the group has developed and evaluated a nighttime care protocol for managing common problems among residents and provided the corresponding staff training. A territory-wide descriptive survey has been conducted to examine the implementation of respiratory protection measures in residential care homes. In addition, the group has conducted studies to facilitate people with advanced diseases and frail older people to plan for their end-of-life care.

International Research Collaborations

• Construct validation of dementia-related expressed emotion in collaboration with the Queensland University of Technology, Australia
– Yu, D.S.F., Kwok, T., Choy, J., & Kavanagh, D.J.(2016). Measuring the expressed emotion in Chinese family caregivers of persons with dementia: Validation of a Chinese version of the Family Attitude Scale. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 55 , 50-59.

• Cross-cultural adaptation of the ANSWER project to support patients with dementia and their family caregivers, in collaboration with Dr. Kathleen Judge from the Cleveland State University, USA

• Construct validation of Type D personality, in collaboration with the Tiburg University, Netherlands
– Yu, D.S.F., Thompson, D.R., Yu, C.M., Pedersen, S.S., & Denollet, J. (2010). Validating the Type D personality construct in Chinese patients with coronary heart disease. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 69 (2), 111-118.


Selected Research Projects