The Chinese University of Hong Kong Nursing Alumni Association


The CUHK Nursing Alumni Association was established in 1998. With an aim to support the School and our graduates, the Association plays an important role in promoting the development of nursing profession in Hong Kong.

Honorary Advisors

  • Professor W.T. Chien, Director and Professor, The Nethersole School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK
  • Mr Alfred Y.T. Tse, Former DOM (O&T), TMH, HA
  • Ms. Jane L.H. Chan, General Manager (Nursing), Grantham Hospital, HA
  • Professor Chair Sek Ying, Vice-Director of Research & Professor, The Nethersole School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK
  • Ms P.S. Yuen, APN (O&G), QEH, HA
  • Mr Victor M.H. Lau, Senior Lecturer, Division of Nursing and Health Studies, OUHK
  • Mr K.M. Lai, DH
  • Mr Wilson W.K. Chiang, Advanced Practice Nurse, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, Prince of Wales Hospital.

Honorary Legal Advisor

  • Mr Simon Kwong

Honorary Coordinators

  • Professor Janita P.C. CHAU, Professor & Assistant Dean (Alumni Affairs), The Nethersole School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK
  • Ms. Isabella Y.M. LEE, Nursing Manager, The Nethersole School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK

Executive Committee

The present Executive Committee (15th) consists of:

Chairperson Mr. Lam Shun Yiu, Jeremy
Vice Chairperson Ms. Yip Lai Ying, Wendy
Secretary Mr. Lau Chi Wah
Treasurer Mr. Ng Shek Nam, Marques
Financial Controller Ms. Kwok Chiu Yin, Winnie
Recreational Coordinator Ms. Tung Lok Ting, Agnes
Coordinator Ms. Chan Wing In, Winnie

CUHK Nethersole School of Nursing 25th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni Award

The Nethersole School of Nursing, CUHK has nurtured over 5,000 graduates in the past quarter century.

Over the years, our graduates have enjoyed good prospects and demonstrated excellence in the advancement of their nursing career. Many of them are now outstanding leaders in their respective areas, making important contributions to the nursing and healthcare development in Hong Kong.

In celebrating the School’s Silver Jubilee, the ‘CUHK Nethersole School of Nursing 25th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni Awards’ were presented to recognize our alumni’s outstanding achievements in health or social care or other particular fields as well as their notable contributions to the society.

Find out more about the CUHK Nethersole School of Nursing 25th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni Award recipients HERE.


There are three categories of membership

  • Regular Member: any graduate of The Nethersole School of Nursing or any person who has at any time been a member of the teaching or academic staff of the School.
  • Honorary Member: any individual (regardless of his/her profession or connection to The Nethersole School of Nursing or whether he/she is a nurse) who is in the opinion of the Committee a person of outstanding achievement or distinction and who has accepted the invitation of the Committee to be an Honorary Member of the Association.
  • Life Member: the one who has the same rights and obligations as the regular member, but is not required to pay any annual membership fees.

Membership Fees

Admission Fee HK$50 (only pay at your first entry)
Full Member HK$75 Annually
or Life Member HK$500

Payment and Enrolment


Tel: (852) 3943 4039