Master of Nursing Science (Pre-registration) Programme

Information Seminars

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The Award

This is a three-year full-time credit-based programme leading to the award of a Master of Nursing Science degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Programme Description

The Master of Nursing Science (Pre-registration) (MNSP) Programme  is designed to prepare those with a bachelor’s degree in any discipline for a career in nursing. This master’s entry programme aims to provide students with the opportunity to study the art and science of nursing from different perspectives and to develop their skills in clinical decision making, critical thinking and problem solving. Successful completion of the programme will enable the graduate to register as a Registered Nurse (General) with the Nursing Council of Hong Kong (NCHK).

Programme Structure

The programme comprises eight terms and four clinical practice blocks over a three-year study period, with the curriculum well designed and integrated to equip students with a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge and clinical skills. Graduates of the programme will be able to take up different nursing roles in a wide range of practice settings, including acute hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals and community settings.


Mode of Study

Full-time: 3 years

Admission Requirements

  • Have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognised university, normally with honours not lower than Second Class (or equivalent); and
  • Have a good command of written and spoken English and Chinese (Cantonese); and
  • Fulfil English Language and other requirements stipulated by the Graduate School of CUHK (please visit for details); and
  • Fulfil the entry requirement stipulated by the NCHK; and
  • Attend an interview (if necessary).

Tuition Fee

HK$140,000 per annum (subject to adjustment)

Application Deadline

1st round: end of February (every year)
2nd round: end April (every year)


Tel: 3943 8204

Scholarships and Student Fellowship Schemes

Thanks to the generous donations from various donors, the MNSP programme offers a number of scholarships and fellowship schemes to recognise the outstanding academic performance of its students. In the academic year of 2017/18, a total of 73 students received the scholarships (over HK$1.1 million in total).


Career Prospects and Further Study

Graduates of the programme are eligible to register as Registered Nurses (General) with the Nursing Council of Hong Kong.

The programme has its first cohort of students graduated in 2012. All graduates of the programme have joined the nursing profession as registered nurses in Hong Kong. The employment rate is 100%. About 90% of the graduates are currently working in public hospitals, while the rest working in private hospitals or non-governmental organisations.

We have kept track of graduate employment over the past few years in order to ensure that the courses in this programme meet with the healthcare needs of our society and the career development needs of our graduates. Some courses in the programme have a stronger emphasis on clinical components, some have a broader coverage of nursing art and science, and some focus more on evidence-based practice and research advances. Graduates with good academic results may pursue further studies in nursing, such as Doctor of Nursing or Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing.


Career Ladder for Nursing Profession

Graduates of the programme with cumulative clinical experiences will subsequently lead to career promotion as advanced practice nurses, nurse consultants, nurse managers, administrators or educators.

Sharing from Graduates


Hello everyone, I am Tim, one of the first cohort of MNSP graduates. Eleven years ago, I was a bit lost in my career and my life, and the MNSP information session pointed me to a new direction. Eventually, I made a very important decision in my life, i.e. joining the nursing profession.

After graduation, I joined the Intensive Care Unit of the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital. The nursing knowledge and interpersonal skills learned from this programme have empowered me to perform well in my career. I am honoured to be promoted as Organ Donation Coordinator of the United Christian Hospital, responsible for promoting organ donation in Kowloon East Cluster.

I am very grateful to the MNSP programme for laying a solid foundation for my nursing development, and enabling me to identify a clear direction for my career and my life. I hope that the programme will continue to cultivate more nursing talents in the future.


My name is Jennifer and I graduated from the MNSP programme in 2017. I am currently working in the Intensive Care Unit at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital.

As an overseas student from the US, I was worried that I would have a hard time in an unfamiliar environment. However, my worries were quickly eased with all the support and encouragement I received from the professors, teaching staff and fellow classmates. They made even the most challenging moments manageable.

The MNSP programme not only equipped me with the essential knowledge and skills to be a nurse but also challenged me to think above and beyond in order to provide the best care for my patients. I am grateful for the opportunities the School has given me and the career path that the MNSP programme has led me on.


I am Peter, graduate of the MNSP programme in 2012. It’s such a privilege to have this opportunity to share some of my thoughts about how the programme has changed my life.

I am now working in the Cardiac Catheterisation and Intervention Centre of the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital as a registered nurse. The three amazing years of studying in CUHK have well prepared me for professional and critical thinking to make patient-oriented decisions. The programme emphasised total patient care and has equipped me with both fundamental and specialty nursing knowledge and skills, empowering me to embark on a special and successful career path in nursing. Most importantly, it has changed my way of interacting with others in and outside my workplace.

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all the staff of the Nethersole School of Nursing for their passion for teaching and professionalism at work.  I highly recommend this programme to those in other professions who are still in pursuit of a career for the meaning of life. This programme has really changed my life!  


I am Howard, one of the first cohort of graduates of the MNSP programme. When I joined the Accident and Emergency department as a nurse, it was just a career change for me. But as I get more involved in the A&E work, I gradually developed a sense of belonging and have a clearer picture of my career path.

This year, I was lucky enough to be promoted to Advanced Practice Nurse in the A&E department. I would like to thank not only my department head and management team, but also all the professors and lecturers of the MNSP programme, from whom I have learned so much. I would not have been possible to progress so quickly in my career without the MNSP programme. Please allow me to express my greatest gratitude to the programme director, course coordinators and all professors and lecturers.

Annabelle Tinko Csy & Tsz-shan Poon