Bachelor of Science in Gerontology

Bachelor of Science in Gerontology Programme

  • Non-JUPAS senior year entry
The Award
  • This is a two-year full-time credit-based honours programme leading to the award of a Bachelor of Science in Gerontology degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Mode of Study
  • Full-time: 2 years
Programme Description

This programme, funded by the University Grants Committee, has been designed in response to the expanding ageing population and the associated workforce shortage in elderly health and social care services in Hong Kong. The programme provides students who possess an associate degree or a higher diploma in health sciences, social sciences, psychology and counselling, human and life sciences, Chinese medicine, or a similar field with a strong foundation in gerontology. Students are equipped with a full scope of knowledge and skills in the planning, delivery and coordination of aged care services in a wide variety of elderly health and social care settings.

  • Strong theoretical and practical components of gerontology covering the health and social care needs of older people, aged care service planning, innovative care delivery models, human service delivery and administration, and ageing-related health and social policies.
  • Multidisciplinary academic and professional teaching team with expertise in nursing, social work, human psychology, human sociology, clinical geriatrics and gerontology, human service management and administration.
  • A gerontological practicum in community care, rehabilitative care and residential care to enable students to transform theoretical knowledge into practice.

The curriculum normally extends over two academic years consisting of four study terms. Students are required to fulfil the Major Requirements (51−54 units) and the University Core Requirements# as well as completing other electives, with the actual number of units to be taken depending on their sub-degree qualifications.

Major Requirements and Allocation of Credit Units*

Year 1 Year 2
Understanding of Health and Social Care Issues Integrated Care and Evidence-based Practice
Term 1 Ageing, Health and Society (3 units) Death, Dying and End-of-life Care (2 units)
Basic Care in Gerontology (4 units) Gerontological Practicum (12 units)
Family and Informal Care in Ageing (2 units)
Promoting Successful Ageing: Individual and Societal Perspectives (3 units)
Psychology in Ageing: Theories and Application (3 units)
Term 2 Chronic Disease Management in Ageing (3 units) Health and Social Care Policy in Ageing (3 units)
Dementia: Prevention and Management (3 units) Innovations and Evidence-based Practice for Aged Care Services (3 units)
Aged Care Service Planning and Delivery Models (5 units) Leadership and Management in Aged Care Services (3 units)
Ethical, Legal and Financial Issues in Ageing (2 units) One elective course (3 units)
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Infectious Diseases and Their Control
  • Student Exchange Programme

* Subject to change
# University Core Requirements: English Language (2−5 units), General Education (8−9 units) and Physical Education (1 unit)

Ms. Wong Suet Ying and Mr. Pun Man Kit
2018 Graduates of Bachelor of Science in Gerontology
Ms. Tam Lok Ting and Ms. Chung Po Ying
2018 Graduates of Bachelor of Science in Gerontology
Sharing on their practicum experience in Kwai Tsing district and Shum Shui Po district Sharing on their practicum experience in Kwun Tong district and Shatin district

In addressing the problem of population ageing in Hong Kong, the Bachelor of Science in Gerontology Programme prepares students to become elderly care professionals to apply their knowledge and skills in a variety of settings. Through practicum opportunities, I learned how to communicate with the older adults and became more empathetic. In addition to interacting with the older adults, I could also share my professional nursing knowledge with them to improve their health care knowledge. These precious and fulfilling practicum experiences make the programme more interesting!
Ms. Chan Wan Yee, Noco2019 Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Gerontology

BScG provides students possessing an associate degree or a higher diploma with a progression pathway. I graduated in Higher Diploma in Social Work and am interested in the elderly care field. The comprehensive curriculum of BScG equips me with knowledge and skills in elderly health and social care services. In contrast to my previous learning experience, this programme focuses on not only social services but also elderly care services. The practicum and site visits have also enhanced my practical skills and increased my understanding of frontline services. I am therefore better equipped to take up challenges in the future workplace.
Ms. Chan Hoi Tung2019 Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Gerontology


(Chinese version only)

Ms. Cheung Hoi Yiu, Shakie2019 Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Gerontology


(Chinese version only)

Ms. Choi Lok Lam2019 Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Gerontology

Student Exchange Programme is one of the major elective courses in the Bachelor of Science in Gerontology Programme. Approximately half of the final year students have the opportunities to visit universities outside Hong Kong to learn about aged care system in Mainland China and overseas as well as to gain cross cultural insights into different approaches to gerontology education and practice. The School sponsors 75% of the airfare and accommodation expenses and all the fees for scheduled lectures and clinical visits during the exchange.


I'm pleased to be one of the students who visited the National Cheng Kung University. It's a precious opportunity to experience the development of aged care policies and services in Taiwan. Given the similar context of social development, we had fruitful sharing with teachers and students from the host institution on local aged care systems through different activities of the exchange programme. Also, we have learnt different innovative and creative delivery models of aged care services from the host institution through different kinds of visits, which can be integrated into our local services.

Mr. Cheng Shun Lai, Dicky  2017 Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Gerontology
National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
The aged care system of Taiwan dedicated to providing quality aged care services to older people particularly inspired me. Healthcare practitioners emphasise on family’s participation during the recovery of a client. Therefore, different measures are established to facilitate family’s participation. For example, in the geriatric ward, the primary family caregiver is required to participate in compulsory training to make sure that the client receives the best care after discharge. I was impressed by their belief in the significant impacts of family support on the clients’ recovery.
Ms. Lee Yee Ling, Elaine  2017 Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Gerontology
National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
I joined the student exchange programme to the Hua Mei Training Academy of the Tsao Foundation in Singapore. The programme was tight in its schedule, yet fruitful for our learning. During the programme, we participated in different learning activities, including lectures, tutorials, visits to health and social aged care settings and practicum in the centre. The most interesting thing that I observed during the exchange was the Dementia-friendly Community Project in Singapore, which provides training to different levels of people in the community, thus allowing people with dementia to live safely in the area. We learnt a lot through the programme, especially the systems and delivery models of health and social care services for older people in Singapore. The experience inspired us on the core elements of the best practices in aged care, which have significantly contributed to our future career development. I hope more students can be benefited from the exchange programme.
Ms. Wong Pui Yu, Peggy  2017 Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Gerontology
Hua Mei Training Academy of Tsao Foundation, Singapore

Applicants are eligible to apply for admission if they have:

Graduates of the programme can pursue a career in aged care services, or seek employment in a wide range of social and healthcare settings, such as geriatric outreach teams, elderly community centres, day care centres, rehabilitation units and residential care homes. Graduates can start their career as multi-skilled practitioners in aged care, and take up key roles in coordinating interdisciplinary care within and across health and social care settings; planning and implementing such evidence-based care models as care management, empowerment programme, telecare and transitional care; and participating in service administration, evaluation and reengineering. They can also advance to high management levels after accumulating adequate working experience in care for the older people.

Graduates with good academic results can also pursue postgraduate studies in a variety of disciplines, such as gerontology, public health, health service management, health administration, and health education.

Ms. Chan Hiu Ling 2020 Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Gerontology Ms. Ngan Chi Yee and Ms. Wong Cheuk Sze 2015 Graduates of Bachelor of Science in Gerontology Mr. Lo Chun Pong and Ms. Li Hang Ping 2014 Graduates of Bachelor of Science in Gerontology
Sharing on her experience of participating in the TF LEaRN Programme and applying for scholarship Sharing on their work experience in aged care services Sharing on their work experience in aged care services
This two-year gerontology programme brought me lots of fruitful learning experiences and equipped me with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. All teachers, serving as guides, counsellors and facilitators, always gave us the greatest support. They also provided many opportunities for us to broaden our horizons, for instance, site visits, graduate sharing and gerontological practicum in different aged care settings. One of the memorable experiences was traveling abroad to learn about the development of aged care services outside Hong Kong. The School has done many great things for us and I will never forget what I have learnt and obtained here. I am proud to be one of the students of the gerontology programme, and the learning experiences motivate me to pursue a career in the aged care field in the future. Last by not least, I would like to thank the programme and the teachers for extending my knowledge of gerontology, improving my thinking skills and preparing me for my future career development.
Ms. Wong Suet Ying, Icy2018 Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Gerontology
I am extremely glad to be one of the students of the BScG programme. All the memories in BScG sweeten my university life and the learning experience is greatly significant for my future career development. With the guidance of professional and experienced teachers, I have been equipped with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills of gerontology in lectures. Small group teaching developed wonderful teacher-student relationships and we shared many happiness and excitement together. Besides, the gerontological practicum gave me an opportunity to apply the knowledge into practice in various aged care settings, and enabled me to obtain the necessary work experience. Last semester, I also went on an exchange to learn different innovative aged care practices and explore the development of aged care services in overseas. This two-year learning experience is fruitful and unforgettable. I really appreciate the teachers who educated us wholeheartedly. Whenever we encountered difficulties, they always supported us and helped us to solve them. BScG is a big family and my connection with the School will not be broken even after graduation.
Mr. Pun Man Kit, Angus2018 Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Gerontology
除了在課堂上學習理論知識和技能外,學院的教授還安排我們到不同機構進行老年學實習,使能更深入地了解長者照顧服務。期間,我不但可以從旁觀察安老服務機構的運作模式,以及處理突發事件的應變技巧,更重要的是可以了解機構內護士、社工、物理治療師、職業治療師、營養師等不同專科的專業人員如何互相衷誠合作,以積極正面的態度,竭力為「老友記」提供最優質和最適切的安老服務。他們是我學習的好榜樣。 (Chinese version only)
Ms. Leung Sin Iu2014 Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Gerontology
「讀書時讀書,遊戲時遊戲」— 這句話用來形容我們過去一年的校園生活最為貼切。過去一年,我們接觸到老年學的不同範疇,同學們都很努力地學習與長者健康及社區照顧需要有關的基本概念,以及與長者、照護者、家人及其他專業人員溝通和相處的技巧。我們亦有機會接觸到學院實驗室內的先進儀器,同學們都很專心聆聽老師的講解;對於新奇的儀器,例如協助扶抱長者的儀器,同學們的表現尤其雀躍。課堂以外,同學之間的互動和交流,不但有助深化課堂上所學的知識,更可增進情誼;因此在課餘時間,我們也會進行各種聯誼活動。 (Chinese version only)
Ms. Chan Shuk Fan2014 Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Gerontology

The Nethersole School of Nursing always treasures students as the most important members and resources of the School. In order to maintain a closer connection with students and to enhance their leadership potentials, the School introduced a Student Ambassador Programme in September 2008. The main objectives of this Programme are:

  • To promote understanding and partnership between students and the School;
  • To develop students' enthusiasm and capability in promoting the School and the nursing profession;
  • To explore students' leadership potentials and strengthen their self-confidence;
  • To enhance students' communication and presentation skills as well as their abilities in organising promotional events; and
  • To help students widen their views and understanding of nursing, education and society.

Every year four enthusiastic and highly motivated students are recruited from the final study year of the Bachelor of Science in Gerontology Programme as student ambassadors of the School. Training activities are organised to promote academic and professional development of the ambassadors and to encourage their active participation in the Programme.

For sharing from student ambassadors, please click HERE.

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The Nethersole School of Nursing, CUHK is dedicated to nurturing aged care professionals with compassion. Students from the Bachelor of Science in Gerontology Programme have actively participated in a wide range of voluntary and community services. Some students will also take the lead to organise and coordinate community projects.



Ms. Chan Hoi Lam and Ms. Chow Yi Nga
2018 Graduates of Bachelor of Science in Gerontology
Sharing on their experience in volunteer activities