Dr. LO Wai Sze, Sally

Professional Consultant

Tel (852) 3943 4335
Email sallylows@cuhk.edu.hk
Education & Qualifications RN, BN, MN, PhD, FHKAN (Education)
Research Interests Cardiovascular Health, Health Promotion

Selected Publications 

  • Lo, S. W. S., Chair, S. Y. & Lee, I. F. K. (2017). Effects of Lifestyle Intervention on Physiological Outcomes in Chinese Adults With, or at High Risk of, Metabolic Syndrome. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 32(6), 514-521.
  • Lo, S. W. S., Hung M. W., Tang, W. K., Chair, S. Y. (2017). Micro-Modules for Nursing Students: Flipped Learning in Anatomy. Paper presented at Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2017, Hong Kong.
  • Chair, S. Y., Wang, Q., Cheng, H. Y., Lo, S. W. S., Li, X. M., Wong, E. M. L., Sit, J. W. H. (2017) Relationship between sleep quality and cardiovascular disease risk in Chinese post-menopausal women. BMC Womens Health, 17, 79
  • Lo, S. W. S., Chair, S. Y., & Lee, I. F. K. (2016). Knowledge of metabolic syndrome in Chinese adults: Implications for health education. Health Education Journal, 75(5), 589-599. doi:10.1177/0017896915608205
  • Leung, D. Y. P., Chow, K. M., Lo, S. W. S., So, W. K. W., & Chan, C. W. H. (2016). Contributing Factors to Colorectal Cancer Screening among Chinese People: A Review of Quantitative Studies. International journal of environmental research and public health, 13(5), 506.
  • Lo, S. W. S., Chair, S. Y., & Lee, F. K. (2015). Factors associated with health-promoting behavior of people with or at high risk of metabolic syndrome: Based on the health belief model. Applied Nursing Research, 28(2), 197-201.
  • Lo, S. W. S., Chair, S. Y., & Lee, F. K. (2015). The development of a lifestyle intervention program for people with metabolic syndrome: based on the health belief model. Cardiology, 131(Suppl. 2), 142.
  • Wang, Q., Lo, S. W. S., Chair, S. Y., Wong, E. M. L., & Lee, I. F. K. (2014). A Tale of Two Cities: Comparing the Knowledge of Metabolic Syndrome in the Risk Populations in Hong Kong and Xian, China. Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis, 21, S20.
  • Lo, S. W. S., Chair, S. Y., & Lee, F. K. I. (2014). Perceived risk for cardiovascular disease among Chinese with metabolic syndrome. Paper presented at the 5th Asian Congress on Health Psychology, Seoul, Korea.
  • Lo, S. W. S. & Mak, Y. W. (2013). Smoking Cessation for parents with young children in pediatric setting. Paper presented at Update in Paediatric Respiratory Diseases 2013, Hong Kong.