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CUHK shines in QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018 – Nursing
The Nethersole School of Nursing ranks 3rd in Asia (29th in the world)
No. 1 in Hong Kong

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassador

The Nethersole School of Nursing always treasures students as the most important members and resources of the School. In order to maintain a closer connection with students and to enhance their leadership potentials, the School introduced a Student Ambassador Programme in September 2008. The main objectives of this Programme are:

  • To promote understanding and partnership between students and the School;
  • To develop students' enthusiasm and capability in promoting the School and the nursing profession;
  • To explore students' leadership potentials and strengthen their self-confidence;
  • To enhance students' communication and presentation skills as well as their abilities in organizing promotional events; and
  • To help students widen their views and understanding of nursing, education and society.

Bachelor of Nursing Programme

Every year more than 20 enthusiastic and highly motivated students are recruited from the five study years of the Bachelor of Nursing programme as student ambassadors of the School. Training activities are organized to promote academic and professional development of the ambassadors and to encourage their active participation in the Programme.

Bachelor of Science in Gerontology Programme

Every year 4 enthusiastic and highly motivated students are recruited from the final study year of the Bachelor of Science in Gerontology Programme as student ambassadors of the School.

For sharing from student ambassadors, please click HERE.

Student Ambassador List 2016-2017

Name Study Year Programme
CHOI, Lai Hung Year 1 BN
LAM, Chak Ping Year 1 BN
LEE, Tsz Hin Year 1 BN
LUK, Hiu Ching Year 1 BN
YIP, Sin Ki Year 1 BN
CHAN, Wing Shan Year 2 BN
KWOK, Tsz Yu Year 2 BN
LAW, Wing Yi Year 2 BN
SO, Kin Chak Year 2 BN
YAN, Deborah Year 2 BN
CHENG, Yuen-Wah Cally Year 3 BN
CHEUNG, Win Lam Year 3 BN
CHOI, Pui Shuen Year 3 BN
CHU, Shuk Kwan Year 3 BN
LAM, Chau Lan Year 3 BN
LAM, Yin Ting Arcadia Year 3 BN
LAM, Yin Yiu Year 3 BN
LAU, Yat Yu Year 3 BN
SO, Yuen Ting Year 3 BN
TANG, Kam San Year 3 BN
WONG, King Fung Year 3 BN
CHAN, Wing Man Year 4 BN
FUNG, Hei Ming Year 4 BN
HO, Sin Yi Year 4 BN
LEUNG, Chi Keung Year 4 BN
LEUNG, Dik Ki Year 4 BN
LEUNG, Hau Yin Year 4 BN
LEUNG, Mandy Year 4 BN
LO, Hoi Yi Year 4 BN
SHUM, Tsz Ki Year 4 BN
WONG, Pu Yan Year 4 BN
CHAN, Cheuk Yan Stephanie Year 5 BN
CHAN, Wing Ki Year 5 BN
CHAN, Wing Nam Year 5 BN
CHIN, Lok Yi Year 5 BN
CHU, Hoi Yi Year 5 BN
HON, Man Kin Year 5 BN
LAU, Chi Wah Year 5 BN
LIU, Nga Yi Year 5 BN
SIU, Wing Chi Year 5 BN
TONG, Hoi Ying Year 5 BN
TSUI, Wai Lun Year 5 BN
WONG, Ching Han Year 5 BN
YUNG, Ka Wai Year 5 BN
CHAN, Heung Yuk Year 1 BSCG
CHAN, Hoi Lam Year 1 BSCG
HO, Yuk Man Year 1 BSCG
PUN, Man Kit Year 1 BSCG
TAM, Lok Ting Sarah Year 1 BSCG
WONG, Suet Ying Year 1 BSCG
WONG, Yi Shuen Year 1 BSCG
FUNG, King Yeung Year 2 BSCG
LAW, Chung Hin Year 2 BSCG
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