Dr. PAGUIO Torralba, Jenniffer

Dr. PAGUIO Torralba, Jenniffer

PhD in Nursing graduate
Former Graduate Assistant
The Nethersole School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


I have always been passionate about the science of nursing, and how it translates to patients and their families, specially the underserved. After obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree in the University of the Philippines (UP) in 2003, I served in the Philippine General Hospital (designated as the National University Hospital), under the Department of Surgery in the general surgical ward and the intensive care unit. While doing full time clinical nurse work, I was part of several specialty groups focusing on training other nurses, and providing diabetes self-health management to in-patients and patients for follow-up.

While maturing in my career as a clinician, I pursued my master’s degree in the same institution under the Adult Health Nursing specialty. This is a clinical specialisation that focuses on the care of adults. Completion of this degree requires clinical practice, comprehensive examination and research work.

In 2007, I was invited to be part of the Faculty of Nursing, UP and started teaching the BSN programme, and then the master’s programme in 2014. As a full-time faculty, I was not only involved in teaching, but also in providing extension services and conducting research. 

In the past decade, I have taken part in activities and projects in partnership with various national and international stakeholders, including my role as a master trainer for the national curriculum development; as a faculty of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Leadership in Nursing Development; as a consultant and speaker in in-service trainings, conferences and workshops in the areas of patient safety, critical care and education; as an investigator in researches for the university and specialty organisations; and as a reviewer for Research Ethics.

These opportunities broadened my experience as an academic, practitioner and researcher, which further fueled my desire to pursue postgraduate studies. I had explored possible programmes for my postgraduate studies; but my participation in the Nethersole School of Nursing Summer Workshop 2016 cemented my decision to pursue PhD in Nursing here. The Summer Workshop allowed me to have an inside look into the programme through interaction with the students and the School. It showcased how the institution guides passionate scholars through their enriching environment. 

With encouragement from my mentors and the School members of CUHK, I applied for the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme. This now gives me the means to pursue graduate studies and focus on deepening my understanding of the Nursing Science. I look forward to the growth provided by this opportunity, and the impact that I can bring when I go back to my home country.

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