Sharing from Student Ambassadors

CHAN Ka Ying, Karin

Hi everyone! I am Karin. It is my pleasure to be selected as one of the student ambassadors. Although COVID-19 has disrupted our normal school life, the School has provided us with a lot of assistance to facilitate our online learning. The provision of Zoom lectures and return-demonstrations of lab sessions allowed us to have more flexibility and motivation in learning. Thinking back my normal school life in Year 1, I am glad to have met my first group of friends in the Nursing Orientation Camp. We have experienced a lot of precious moments together, such as attending lectures, preparing for exams, and visiting different canteens after lectures. I hope everything would be getting back to normal soon.

CHENG Ching Yi, Ruby

Hi everyone! I am Ruby. Here is my motto, “Don’t let life happen to you, let life happen for you.” Every challenge in life helps me to be a better person. It is a precious opportunity to be a student ambassador to represent our School. As a talkative and outgoing person, I enjoy sharing my experience with others. I have participated in a wide range of activities, enabling me to become more confident in interacting with others and assisting in different events. Being a student ambassador has also enriched my university life and taught me to appreciate others. I cannot wait to see you all in the coming future.

CHOW Yuet Lam, Caroline

Hello! I am Caroline, a Year 3 Bachelor of Nursing student. My experience as a Student Nurse at CUHK was full of laughter and challenges. I still vividly remember my first old age home placement. Performing nursing skills on real patients for the first time could be nerve-racking, but with the support of our incredible teachers and classmates, these seemingly intimidating moments have helped me learn and reflect on what makes us a better nurse. It is a pleasure to be part of this family, and I cannot wait to see you all at CUHK Nursing. See you soon!

HUNG Ling Yu, Kelly

Hi everyone! I am Kelly, a Year 3 student in the Bachelor of Nursing Programme. It is my honour to be one of the student ambassadors. The Nethersole School of Nursing and CUHK have not only equipped me with professional knowledge, but also given me a memorable university life. Apart from regular studies, I have been a committee member of my college’s Nursing Society and organised Orientation Camps for the students. I enjoy cooperating and communicating with others. Being a student ambassador is another precious opportunity for me to work with my fellow schoolmates and share my experience as a nursing student with other students. I am looking forward to sharing my joyful experience at CUHK with all of you in our coming activities. See you!

IP Ka Yan, Karen

Hello! I am Karen, one of the student ambassadors of the School this year. I would like to ask you a question: What is the spark of your life? It is not necessarily a purposeful and compelling goal. Instead, it is what makes you feel truly alive. For me, I like to challenge myself to the limits. This is the reason why I joined the Student Ambassador Programme and participated in various activities at CUHK. Only by stepping out of your comfort zone can you unleash your hidden potential. If you never try, you will never know. Therefore, just do it and ignite your spark!

KAN Yan Tung, Yanny

Hi everyone! I am Yanny. I am so blessed to become one of the student ambassadors this year. It reminds me of the old days as a freshman. I was quite nervous and puzzled when I was admitted to the nursing programme. Life at university is totally different from that of secondary school. All of us enter adulthood and start to learn to be a professional here. Going through these can never be easy, but I never regret my decision and I am definitely proud to be a student at CUHK.

CUHK Nursing emphasises on compassionate care. We did not learn to look at business plans or random numerical data. Instead, we learn how to look after patients and take care of their life and soul. Our School provides us with a lot of opportunities to think and to learn to be considerate and empathetic. Moreover, our stimulation lab work and community outreach activities always show us that a small nursing intervention is able to turn our passion into a helpful service. The satisfaction of seeing the patients’ smiles and hearing their laughter is immense. I think it is incredibly meaningful to help others in life.

“Be the change you want to see!” One day I will become a kind and compassionate person in our society, just like what our School taught us.

KWOK Wing Yin, Bonnie

Hi everyone! I am Bonnie. It is my pleasure to be selected as one of the student ambassadors this year. The School has not only equipped us with professional nursing skills, but also inspired us to be a competent and compassionate nurse. You are never alone on the journey here in the Nethersole School of Nursing, as you will receive strong support from both classmates and enthusiastic teachers. Apart from our regular studies, the School also provides us with numerous opportunities to serve the community, enabling us to have more interactions with the public and expand our knowledge.

As a student ambassador, I am ready to devote myself to the School and share my experience with secondary school students who are interested in CUHK Nursing. Hope to see you soon!

LEE Oi Yi, Toby

Hi everyone! I am Toby, a Year 3 student in the Bachelor of Nursing Programme. I am very grateful to be selected as a student ambassador this year. I once joined to help in the video production for the School’s Information Day. I believe it is an extraordinary opportunity to show the best side of CUHK Nursing to secondary school students and the public. I was also the committee member of CU CHAMPION and served the general public in several outreach services. However, most activities were cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic. I wish I could have more chances to serve the School and the community as a student ambassador. In the upcoming events, I hope to get in touch with more secondary school students and guide them to their desired future path after graduation.

LEUNG Sin Yeuk, Cindy

Hi everyone! I am Cindy, currently studying Year 1 at CUHK Nursing.

Under the COVID-19 pandemic, I have developed an array of hobbies, like playing xylophone, drums, doing sports, cooking dishes and taping vlogs. At CUHK Nursing, I am grateful for meeting a lot of friends and teachers. They gave me study tips and shared their clinical experience with me. Although most of the lectures were conducted via Zoom, some of the lab sessions and nursing lectures were resumed to face-to-face teaching. I could thus learn nursing skills in an interactive way. Overall, I really enjoy my university life and I cannot wait to embark on my long-awaited journey.

TANG Wing Yee, Angela

Hi everyone! I am Angela, a Year 1 student in the Bachelor of Nursing Programme.

I can still remember when I joined the Information Day as a secondary school student back then, the student ambassadors shared with me their experience and answered my questions patiently, letting me know much more about the nursing programme and the life as a university student. Since then, I have been determined to be a student ambassador someday as it is really meaningful. Therefore, I am really grateful to be given the precious opportunity to be one of the student ambassadors, and I look forward to joining various events, sharing my experiences with others, and at the same time enriching my knowledge and skills as well as keeping on challenging myself.

TSE Wai Hung, Andy

Hello everyone! I am Andy.

When I was a Secondary Six student, a student ambassador of the Nethersole School of Nursing encouraged me to apply for the Bachelor of Nursing Programme offered by CUHK. After studying in the programme for a few months, I found out that joining this programme is the best decision I have ever made. The School helps us get ready for studying in the University.

I attended the Student Ambassador Programme in the hope of promoting my School to different secondary school students and helping them learn more about the duties and characteristics of nurses, and most importantly, how to equip themselves to get enrolled in our School which is the best nursing school in Asia. Lastly, I am longing to see all of you in the promotional activities!

WONG Ching Yeung, Justin

Hi everyone! I am Justin. I am glad to be a student ambassador as it provides me with a chance to represent our Nursing School and share my experience at CUHK. Online teaching continued for a long while due to the pandemic, and I missed face-to-face teaching a lot. It is a tough time, especially for those who are active and talkative. The learning atmosphere would be much better with your friends around you.

I hope my fellow student ambassadors and I are able to provide the potential CUHK nursing students with some insights about the university life via social media and face-to-face sharing during the Orientation Days.

WONG Ho Kai, Jimmy

Hi everyone! I am Jimmy Wong, a Year 2 student in the Bachelor of Nursing Programme. I am honoured to be your new student ambassador this year, and I cannot wait to share with you the amazing time I have had in the School of Nursing! In the past, I worked as a class representative to help foster better communication between students and the school. With my new role as a student ambassador, I hope to represent the School and disseminate nursing knowledge to the public.

In my leisure time, I like playing squash with my friends at the CUHK Squash Court. If you spot me there, do not hesitate to come and say hi. I look forward to seeing you all on the campus!

WONG Kam To, Betty

Hi everyone! I am Betty, a Year 3 student in the Bachelor of Nursing Programme. I am glad to join the student ambassador team this year. In the past few years, the School has offered me lots of opportunities to enrich my learning experience as well as making me well-equipped to be a future nurse. All the teaching staff are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and clinical experience with students. Through their teaching, I am ready to dedicate myself to the nursing profession and serve the community. It would be meaningful to pass on the spirit of the Nethersole School of Nursing to all newcomers. I cannot wait to see you all at CUHK!

WONG Kei Ting, Cloris

Hi everyone! I am Cloris, a Bachelor of Nursing Year 2 student. It is my honour to be chosen as a student ambassador. It is a blessing to study in the Nethersole School of Nursing. We can not only gain professional skills and knowledge but also have a fruitful study life at CUHK. And most importantly, through participating in various activities, I learned to be an active listener and leader which are crucial characteristics of a professional nurse. We should take care of the patients and listen to their concerns in arranging the patients’ care plan.

I cannot wait to share my memorable experience with the future CUHK nursing students. I am looking forward to seeing you all.


YU Man Nga, Yuki

Hi everyone! I am Yuki, a Year 1 nursing student. When describing myself, I would say that I am surely a cheerful and outgoing girl who love trying and challenging new things. I am therefore motivated to join the School’s student ambassador team in the hope of sharing my university experience with the freshmen and introducing our School to the secondary school students.

I still vividly remember receiving the confirmation letter from CUHK informing me of the successful enrolment of the nursing programme. People might feel unfortunate for us as COVID-19 made us unable to experience the university life. However, I am so grateful that nursing students opened a WhatsApp group during the pandemic and I have met so many kind and outgoing students who always stay by my side and give me full support throughout the two semesters. This made me realise that nursing students at CUHK are really friendly and easy-going. I hope I can interact with you in the capacity of student ambassador in the coming year! See you all at CUHK Nursing!

YU Wing Sum, Wincy

Nice to meet you! I am Wincy who newly transferred to the Bachelor of Nursing Programme from another faculty at CUHK. It is my honour to be selected as one of the student ambassadors, which provides an opportunity for me to contribute back to the School. Being a freshman in the nursing programme, I am nurtured in an inclusive environment where teachers and schoolmates would spare no effort in giving assistance to me and would not discriminate students of different backgrounds. I discovered my passion for serving others after being the student helper for the CUHK Nethersole School of Nursing Alumni Carnival cum 30th Anniversary Kick-off Ceremony. I am glad to be granted this precious chance to pursue my dream of helping others and facilitate my skills of communicating with different people by becoming a student ambassador. Hence, I would like to express my gratitude to the School for fostering our all-round development.

Hope to see you in the near future. Please join our big and warm family of the Nethersole School of Nursing. Thank you!

LEE Yee Ting, Leanne

Hi everyone! I am Leanne, a Year 1 student in the Bachelor of Science in Gerontology Programme.

It is my great pleasure to be one of the student ambassadors of the Nethersole School of Nursing. The programme equips me with professional aged care knowledge and skills. I was inspired by the importance of person-centred care in aged care service. As the ageing issue is getting more serious, the quality of aged care service should be further enhanced by attracting more talents to join the aged care industry.

It is my honour to be able to represent our School to introduce the gerontology programme and share my knowledge of aged care. I am looking forward to meeting you all at CUHK in the near future!

LI Tin Chi, Lucas

Hello everyone! I am Lucas, a Year 1 student in the Bachelor of Science in Gerontology Programme. It is my honour to be a student ambassador of the Nethersole School of Nursing. The School provides many opportunities for students to gain knowledge and skills and to explore and develop their potentials in various aspects. I really want to change from being a passive person to an active person. As a student ambassador, I could have the chance to interact with people of different backgrounds. Undoubtedly, it would benefit my future career and nourish my university life.

SIU Cheuk Man, CM

Hello! I am Cheuk Man, a Bachelor of Science in Gerontology student. It is my pleasure to be one of the student ambassadors this year! The School provides us with lots of opportunities to explore the world and to interact with different people. The world is getting darker and darker nowadays, we as student ambassadors have the responsibility to spread hope and bring the light to the world. We have got a long way to go, keep fighting!